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In case, his ex-talks are bothering and stressing you to the core. Sep 19, 2022 · Rather than spending your time worrying, try to send him another text or think of him smiling at your texts while you wait for him to reply.
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  • He has always insisted that since he makes the money, far more than my mother’s income, he should be waited on and cleaned up after.
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    I feel you need to put your foot down, tell him that if he’s not trying to get married, you can’t waste your time anymore.

  • 1) Wait 3 days.
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  • The best way to tell if he is waiting for you to text first is to see how he acts in real life.
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    If you could just wait for him to be ready for a relationship, that would be great.

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    The answer is simple: make plans.

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    Either Way.